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A  typical New Orleans city

tour includes seeing and hearing about the:

Mississippi River, History, History,

 and Yes more History, 

French Quarter, Cemetery, 

Bayous and Wetlands

Lake Pontchartrain, Flood control 

Katrina, Garden District 

Mansions/Architecture, live Oaks 

Catholic Church influence

Slavery in Colony vs Plantations

Creole & Cajun Cultures

and much more.

4 hour Private Tour 9:30 - 1:30

$498.00 flat rate for up to 6 persons

$100 per hr. for more time if needed  

(when approved by guests)

The tour can include up to 5 stops

(River, Cemetery, Lake, Lunch

 and/or Ice Cream and/or Tree of Life)

 Combo tours for City,

Swamp and/or Plantations are available but require Custom pricing.

"We Guarantee you will Laugh and Learn"



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