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Henley's Private Tours

A  Typical 4 hour

Tour includes:

Mississippi River

History, History, Yes History

Historic French Quarter


Bayous and Wetlands

Lake Pontchartrain

Flood control Systems

Katrina disaster

Garden District


Live oak trees

Catholic Church influence

Slavery Colony vs Plantations

 Creole & Cajun Cultures

and more.


4 hour Private Customizable tour 

$498.00 flat rate for up to 4 persons

5 hour Private Customizable tour

$598.00 flat rate for up to 6 persons

Either tour can include up to 5 stops

(River, Cemetery, Lake, Lunch & Ice Cream/Tree of Life)

  $100 per hour for additional time. 

(when approved by guests)

Combo tours for 

City, Swamp and/or Plantations

are available but require Custom pricing.

"We Guarantee you will Laugh and Learn"



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