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Hello, I'm Glen Henley, the owner/operator. Started as a tour guide
in 2012, then created a unique private 4 hour city tour,
"Henley's Private Tours",  in 2016. 
Please take a minute to see why, where, who and when on my tour.

Why Henley's Private Tours?

Here are examples of what our guests have said they liked most?

1."Very Comfortable"   - Ride in a comfortable custom conversion van with room for 6 adults.







2."Many Stops are included" -Typical stops include (River, Cemetery, Lake, Lunch, Tree of life (optional), Garden District, ice cream (optional) and photo ops (Just ask, we'll stop)

(Please got to the Details and Pricing page for more.)


3."We saw so many Unique Areas we would have never seen with any other tour." (See Details and Pricing page for more.)  

3. "Very Knowledgeable" - get more history information and see more sites on this tour than any other private tour in New Orleans. Guests have said "The most knowledgeable Tour guide ever."

4. "Ask Questions" - We love and invite your questions and interaction with us. 

5. "So much Fun" - We want to make sure you enjoy your tour so much we 

"We guarantee you will laugh and learn!" 

6. "Well Worth it"  Our guests have said "This is by far the best private tour you can get in New Orleans." We uniquely price our tour per group, not per person. Pay after the tour. (See Details and Pricing page.)

We have many more reviews on Viator, Tripadvisor, Google, Yelp and others

But, Please book here, not on other sites, and always pay after the tour



"Both your tour and you are top shelf. It was enjoyable meeting you and benefiting from your vast knowledge of the city of New Orleans. Again, thank you for 5 hours of fun, laughter & the learning experience you and your tour provided to my family.

Your tour was the centerpiece of our trip to New Orleans!
Stay well and keep doing what you do."

Our guests say it all.  Read what they have written and see why you should choose "Henley's Private Tours"

"This tour is a must do if visiting New Orleans!! We just loved all the personal details of this tour. Glen was very knowledgeable and thorough and had the best sense of humor. This was a great way to kick off our weekend in New Orleans."
Barry G


"WE HAD AN AMAZING TIME!! Glen IS absolutely the BEST tour guide in New Orleans!! Glen was detailed, funny, entertaining, helpful, and we laughed the entire time! We fell in love with New Orleans because of Glen!! You’re THE BEST!!"
Tammy C.
"We had an amazing tour with Glen! He is incredibly knowledgeable & entertaining. We all had a great time. He’s clearly passionate about New Orleans.  Plus, he’ll take you to a few hidden gem spots for lunch and ice cream. Not to mention, his tour van was super comfortable. If you’re looking for a private tour.
Glen is your guy!"
Derek G.
"Just came back from one of the best tours I've ever been on. The tour was a thorough overview of New Orleans and paced perfectly. Glen was great at sharing information, answering questions, and including short stops. Highly recommend, especially if your first trip to New Orleans!"
Sue L.

Louisiana and New Orleans

When President James Madison
chose Louisiana as the first State west of the
Mississippi river in 1812, he
contributed greatly to
“multicultural diversity” by adding strange and complex flavors to the American
melting pot. For Louisiana was unlike its predecessors in statehood. Our heritage as French and Spanish, not British, and its primary language remained French for decades following statehood. It was settled not by Protestant refugees or hardy frontiersman but by Catholic aristocrats and gentry.

Nearly 200 years after statehood Louisiana still takes pride in its differentness.
One of the largest cities
in the south, New Orleans, looks, smells, sounds, and tastes like no other city in America. From the
Caribbean influenced “shotgun houses” of New Orleans to the French vocabulary casually injected into conversations, from eerie above-ground cemeteries, Mardi Gras parades, foot tapping Zydeco, to great tasting Gumbo, New Orleans can make visitors believe they have slipped past an invisible boundary into a country that isn’t quite like any other in the United States and certainly not the old-line Anglo Saxon Protestant South.

Come down to the land of “Dixie” where the food, the music and the people are unique and inviting.
Have a sophisticated dinner at one of the many great restaurants, take a ride on a steamboat and
witness the Mississippi river like Mark Twain, see the primeval alligators in the bayous, or duck into
Preservation hall to witness some traditional jazz. For all of its uniqueness New Orleans and Louisiana is integrally bound up in American culture.

The Food, music, diversity, cultures,
beauty, history, and fun are
just some of the terms used to describe
In New Orleans you’ll hear accented English that sounds half Southern, half Brooklyn, and is the result of a blended chorus of decedents from the Irish, Italian, French and Appalachian voices. Together with communities of Yugoslavs, Germans, Saint Dominque, Canary Islands, West African slaves, Choctaw and Chitimacha Indians, French and Spanish sugar planters form a
remarkable cultural gumbo that can be found nowhere else on earth.

The plain and simple truth is we love it here and enjoy sharing our uniqueness
with the rest of the World.
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